Define the meeting parents for each Confluence Space (meeting notes index page)

In this guide you will learn how you can set one or more parent pages, where to create meeting notes. (Works on both Cloud and Server versions!)

The default Confluence meeting notes index page is usually created by Confluence, when you create your first meeting notes page manually. Meetical will also create this page for you, if it doesn't exist.

  • By default, Meetical will create new meeting pages under "Meeting notes".
  • You can override the default meeting notes page for each space by adding the label meetical-default-parent on the desired root page.
  • You can define additional parent pages for each space, by adding the label meetical-parent on all desired pages.
  • Works for the Meetical Browser Extensions (Chrome/Firefox) and the Meetical Outlook Add-in! (Coming soon for internal calendar)

Learn more in this video:

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