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Calendar Integration for Confluence

For Google Calendar, Outlook and Microsoft 365

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Google Calendar Extension

Create, Share and Find meeting pages directly from your Google Calendar

  • Chrome Extension
  • Firefox Add-on
  • Safari Extension and Edge* (coming soon)

Outlook Add-in for Confluence

Create and share meeting notes with your team, directly from Outlook.

Get the Outlook Add-in for Confluence from the Microsoft App Source Marketplace and use the extension in both Outlook on the Web and Outlook Desktop.

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Integrated Confluence Calendar

Use the Integrated Confluence Meeting Calendar to create, share, find and manage you Meeting Notes.

How it works

  • Log in with your Atlassian Account
  • Share your Calendar (Google Calendar or Microsoft 365)
  • Create and share meeting pages for your calendar events

A simple and secure setup will guide you through the process.

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“Over time we missed documenting important meeting decisions, action points got lost and we did not have the minutes of our meetings. Meetical greatly impacted us and contributed to increasing the number of meetings that have good minutes! I recommend it to any company who uses Confluence.”
“Our Confluence was pretty disorganized, we had to manually create meeting notes in Confluence and action items got missing. After we got Meetical everything is really organize, everyone is accountable for their stuff and we never really miss anything after that! Seriously, any company that has Confluence and Jira I’d recommend it to them.”
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“Taking notes within disparate systems, manually filling up templates and trying to get that into Confluence is not efficient. The integration between Outlook and Confluence makes it much easier now to take notes and then store those notes into Confluence for easy access. Meetical does offer great value!”

Choose between Cloud Free, Cloud Pro and Data Center

How it works for Cloud Free

1) Get the Calendar Extension
2) Log-in with your Atlassian Account
3) Share your Calendar (Google Calendar or Microsoft 365)
4) Create and share basic meeting pages from your calendar

The Free Starter version does not require a Confluence App to be installed


How it works for Cloud Standard

Confluence Admin:

1) Install Trial for Meetical for Confluence App (minimum 30-days free)
2) Every users runs through a quick setup
3) All users can create and share great meeting pages from their calendar. With new macros and automation options!

Meetical for Data Center

1) Confluence admin installs the Confluence Server/Data Center App
2) Users run through a first time setup to connect their calendars
3) Users create and share meting pages fast and easy

If your Confluence is behind a firewall you must configure it accordingly.
For full on-premise solutions, please reach out to