Built on the shoulders of giants, one of the strenghts of Meetical is it’s security and privacy by design approach.
Instead of storing sentitive operational data on our own, proprietary systems, and re-invent the weel, we act as a pass-through-system, connecting Atlassian tools to Google and Microsoft. This doesn’t mean we simply use AWS or Azure to host our databases and services. Instead, we use battle-proven, secure APIs to access, process and transport your data on-demand to the same places where also the rest of your data is: Atlassian Cloud, Google Cloud, Microsoft 356. This enables us to create seamless and secure integrations and puts us best-in-class as meeting management software in terms of Cloud security. And, in case you operate your own on-premise Atlassian Data Center, we plug into that as well. This way your esablished security practices and guidelines will readily apply to Meetical Apps as well.